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A Phenomenon Called Metalachi

It is hard to imagine metal heads listening to mariachi instruments, but at a Metalachi concert, a strange phenomenon happens and all logic and musical rules are bent and broken as cultural and musical barriers disappear.

For those who may not know who Metalachi is, they are a band of highly skilled Latino musicians who have combined their love for rock & roll and; of course, mariachi music plus the pomposity of heavy metal a la Kiss, along with makeup and customs and a very charismatic presence on and off stage who play mariachi versions of rock & roll and heavy metal hits.

Crowds at Metalachi concerts are as eclectic as their outfits; young and old of all colors and musical creeds like metal heads, rockers, mariachi fans and the just musically curious are guaranteed to have a good time.

Often times, bands like Metalachi are dismissed as just another cover band, but they couldn’t be further from the truth, the members of Metalachi can keep up with the best of them as they are truly accomplished musicians and singer Vega De La Rockha’s voice can definitely match that of Axel Rose or Brian Johnson from AC/DC or any of the other bands they cover.

The band seems to have as much fan on stage as the fans watching them and their energy and good vibes make the audience get so enthralled in the moment that they don’t even realize that they are singing along to “metalachied” up versions of usually corny Journey songs. There’s no better sight than seeing a genuine metal head singing along to “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Another aspect of Metalachi that makes them so endearing to their fans, is their closeness with their fans, the band is very active on social media and are always keeping their fans informed of what they are up to and after every show, all members of the band come out and greet the fans and are more than happy to take pictures, selfies and of course, will accept any drinks and any other type of offers.

To learn more about Metalachi, they can be followed on Facebook, and their music can be found on Spotify and I-tunes.

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