Dioses Del Tiempo Vuelven al Whisky A Go Go

La banda angelina, Dioses Del Tiempo se estará presentando en el icónico Whiskey A Go Go este sábado 2 de Julio donde estarán alternando con Vispera, Conflicto.

Dioses Del Tiempo es una de las bandas más importantes de la escena local de rock en español en Los Angeles donde han tocado en los escenarios más importantes de la ciudad como el ya desaparecido House of Blues en Hollywood así como en Anaheim donde tocaron con Julieta Venegas.

Mil Siglos es el título de el primer álbum de la banda, y el cual se ha convertido en uno de los álbumes favoritos de los fans de la música local y para recordarnos un poco más de este álbum, aquí les presentamos esta reseña escrita por mi colega Laura Pelayo aproximadamente hace un año:

“Dioses Del Tiempo has embraced evident influences from Spanish Rock legends like Caifanes, and Héroes del Silencio to 80s/New Wave bands like The Smiths and The Cult, and has brewed them into their recipe to resurrect that unparalleled sound that will consume you with nostalgia.

A sweet pick of a single guitar string sets off the album with “El Hombre Ciego” which talks about not wanting to be with someone, but having blinding thoughts impeding it.

High vocals on the chorus “ya no siento nada, ya no quiero seguir” provides an appropriate tone of desperation on the song “Sin Sentir.”

A killer guitar solo in “Las Luces son Lapidas” transports you into a nocturnal dimension referencing the city lights to tombstones and not being able to come back to life.

A soft reggae beat brings a break in “La Causa de tu Miseria” to ask why someone can’t figure out why their loved one is so unhappy and will fight to conquer their misery.

The tone slows down a bit with ballads like “Lo que Pudo Ser” questioning what could have been, but impossible to go back and find out.

“Antes de Dormir” delivers a slower, darker tone; revealing an sad story of a close friend who was the victim of abuse. But it exposes the dark shadows that haunt and will continue to haunt the abuser for the rest of his life.

“No Estaba Loco” recollects a young student who is persecuted by his loneliness and depression. But one day he demands the attention he so much longed for by killing some of his fellow students before ending his agony by killing himself.

This album uncovers the passion that this group has for love, heartbreak, and unfortunate and life-changing experiences.

Music by Dioses Del Tiempo is available for streaming on Pandora.com, and Despues de Mil Siglos is available for purchase on Amazon.com and I-tunes and it can be streamed on Spotify.

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