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Rodrigo y Gabriela Return to the Hollywood Bowl

On the warm evening of August 14th, 2016 an eccentric and diverse crowd gathered at the historic Hollywood Bowl for the awaited return of the Mexican Flamenco guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela.

On the cusp of ending their tour, the guitar-scientists made their stop in Los Angeles to grant fans a beautiful and memorable night.

Excitement in the air flowed to have them return to this beloved outdoor venue. The beautiful and classy sounds of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra lead the night and laid out a wave of serenity that floated about before the main act went on stage.

The lights dimmed, the handsome couple appeared on stage and the magic began. Joined by the Orchestra, Rodrigo y Gabriela transformed their first set of songs into elegant melodies as they rendered “Santo Domingo,” “Savitri” and “Logos” from their 11:11 album.

Both alternated behind the microphone to greet the audience and briefly speak on their tour and the 23 countries they visited in a very short period of time. They strolled through the stage while the stunning background of the Orchestra members sat behind them. During the fan favorite song “Oblivion” they invited a very special guest; Marty Friedman of infamous thrash metal band, Megadeth.

For the second half of their set, the Orchestra left the stage solely to Rodrigo y Gabriela. But they were not alone for long. After making the already-well-known self-confession of being “Metal-heads” at heart, a witty joke was played on the audience as they began the initial chords of the song “More than Words” by 90's Pop-Rock band Extreme, obviously not a Metal song. While revisiting their self-titled album, they delivered “Hanuman” and “Diablo Rojo.”

To the crowd’s delighted surprise, they duo was joined by special guest Robert Trujillo of Metal-rock gods Metallica. The threesome sat together on stage side by side and shredded a Metallica medley that included “Orion,” “For Whom the Bells Toll” and “Battery.” They left the entire place on their feet as they said goodbye with the delightfully intricate “Tamacun.”

The power, precision and speed off Rodrigo y Gabriela’s fingers gave the possible illusion of smoke arising from them, requiring a bucket of ice on standby waiting for them backstage. An exquisite phenomenon takes place when these two are on stage; a myriad of sounds occur from lead lines, bass lines, moving chords and percussion parts all at once but all coming out of their single guitars. Their effortless sounds transcends you worldwide and provides all types of moods and settings; from relaxing with a glass of wine or grabbing some stiff whiskey and doing some serious head-banging.

The Hollywood Bowl will eagerly wait for them once again.

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