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Electro Night at The Regent

On Wednesday, January 10th, The Regent Theatre in DTLA brought a night of electronic genres to its stage.

Opening the night was Los Angeles' very own, L.A.Drones. The electronic duo, masked and wearing all black, brought some thumping beats and sexual lyrics. They were an energized force that served as a great crowd warmer.

Fresh off from producing the enchantingly beautiful soundtrack of Cirque du Soleil’s Luzia, Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & Fussible was scheduled to headline the night. A Mexican-themed production, the acrobatic and talented show has been successfully running since December and will continue through February. It has compelled crowds to attend multiple times while in town to witness and enjoy its exciting performance and music. Bostich & Fussible’s influence is easy to recognize in the sound track, comprised of heavy drums and brass.

Bostich & Fussible appeared on stage and took their respective places on their docks, followed by three gentlemen carrying a tuba, an accordion and a trumpet. And the LA audience gave them an excited welcome with anticipation. The usual crowd pleasers like “Shake It Up”, “Tijuana Makes Me Happy” and even a couple of mixes used in Luzia electrified the crowd. Closing the night, a performance amongst the actual crowd put a delectable end to the night.

Photos by Laura Pelayo

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