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Música Para El Amor y La Guerra - New Album by Los Nastys

Los Nastys are a four-piece garage band hailing from Madrid, Spain. Songwriters and guitarists (and brothers) Luis and Fran Basilio formed the band in 2013 out of their grandfather’s garage, releasing their debut EP Me Lo Encontré in early 2014. Their U.S. debut album Cannibal Business came out on Nacional Records in 2016. Their latest project was a collaboration with fellow Madrid garage rockers Hinds, titled El Sueño de Benilandia, with each band covering the other’s music.

Their sound is Influenced by early psychedelia and punk - played fast and with a lo-fi feel. Full of catchy hooks, their music has been praised by outlets like NME, Vice, The Fader, and Remezcla. Los Nastys recently played the LAMC and Chicago’s Ruido Fest, as well as in Mexico and throughout Spain and Latin America.

Press release courtesy of Nacional Records

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