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Natalia Clavier Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Debut Album Nectar with Re-Release on Nacional Record

Natalia Clavier is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her critically-acclaimed debut album Nectar with a special re-release via Nacional Records, which is available now. Originally released on Thievery Corporation’s ESL Music label, the 12-track album introduced audiences to a sonic universe of jazz, classical, Argentine folk, American soul, protest rock, and chill electronica led by Clavier’s warm, soothing, breathless vocals.

Clavier made her Nacional Records debut with sophomore album Lumen in 2013, which was produced by Grammy-winning producer Adrian Quesada (Echocentrics, Ocote Soul Sounds, Grupo Fantasma, Brownout). The album reached #1 on iTunes. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Clavier’s mother exposed her at an early age to a constant and diverse stream of music. She began singing in school choirs at the age of three and was performing as a soloist in the largest concert halls in Argentina by age 11. Clavier then moved to Barcelona where she hit the jazz circuit and launched herself into the electronic music scene by contributing vocals to house and techno singles and singing live at raves in front of thousands. It was during this time that she met fellow Argentinian ex-pat Federico Aubele who had just released his debut album on Thievery Corporation’s record label. Aubele asked her to tour with him and, later, sing on his album Panamericana.

Having always sung in languages other than Spanish, Clavier felt a new calling to express herself in her native tongue. With Aubele’s help and support, she composed and recorded her first set of demos, which caught the ear of Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation and later offered to produce Nectar. The offer led to Clavier’s spot as ESL Music’s first female artist and the touring vocalist for Thievery Corporation, giving her opportunities to tour the globe performing at the world’s largest festival stages.

Press release courtesy of Nacional Records

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