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Aterciopelados Team Up With Ana Tijoux For Their New Single "PLAY"

“PLAY is the English word that refers to the action of playing a musical instrument.

It also means to play and was an adjective from the 2000's slang to denote something super mega ufffff (great)…”

Picture this: Colombia 2018, prevailing rhythm- reggaeton.

Aterciopelados, the emblematic band of the... blablabla... glorious past, rock icons, should they produce a HIT that puts them back on the map?

Music has evolved, the listeners are now critics, there's hype to be fulfilled... how do we connect?

A. Do they adapt...? As they do now... do they compose with Mr. Despacito, analyze targets, trends, and design like professionals...? And during this path they get stressed, they suffer... they poison ...

or B. Do they relax...?... they PLAY , they hear the sound of silence and create a syrup... full of pure beautifulness for the listeners; for those who want to get infected, and whenever they hear it, it will make them want to play and to put their hips in rotation... and if they're in the dark, they will be illuminated with this tune that loose them up and invites everyone to play, play, play a mid-future reggae, a mid-future pop, a magical surrealism, Only good wishes so that joy can come to you and so that it can taste like a sweet big peach. .

With a beautiful feature of the Chilean Ana Tijoux, the 'heart fixer-upper’, known also for her collaborations with Julieta Venegas and Jorge Drexler, and the impeccable production of Cachorro López; PLAY finds its visual

element in Medellin with mushroom hats, aquatic bases and hummingbird flights, in a video made by 36 grados.

And always remember: 'Being number one is not my ambition, I just want a small piece in your heart.'

Press release courtesy of Sony Music and The Music Joint

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