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Tickeri Expands Partnership with Bandsintown to Allow In-App Ticket Purchases for Latino Music Fans

Leading Latino Concert Ticketing Company Paves Latino eCommerce Forward

On April 13, Tickeri expands its partnership with Bandsintown by introducing seamless eCommerce ticketing experiences for Latino event seekers who use the Bandsintown event discovery platform. The new feature enables ticket purchases from the largest host of Latino events in the United States, Tickeri, directly within the Bandsintown App, bridging the traditional gap between event discovery and ticket buying.

By leveraging Braintree Extend, the feature removes clunky redirects and unifies previously disparate payment systems -- reducing friction and vastly improving user experience overall. Tickeri fully believes that contextual commerce partnerships like this - which integrate brands and services to reach customers in the right place at the right time - are the way forward for eCommerce, and is excited to pave the way for the Latino community.

Of the company's expanded partnership with Bandsintown, Tickeri CTO and Co-Founder Javier Gonzalez said "Strategic partnerships with key brands like Bandsintown allow Latinos to finally feel represented in mainstream technologies within the US. While the Latino population and purchasing power is growing massively, technology and media have under-served the Latino community for years. It's refreshing to see Latinos have a voice in the innovation of services and products that impact our community across the US."

For Bandsintown, the integration allowed fans from the fastest growing genre on the platform to enjoy a more fluid experience. "This is an important ticketing integration for our community, in 2017 Latin music events saw the largest growth by genre on Bandsintown, and we're excited to make this ticketing experience as seamless as possible for fans." - Fabrice Sergent, Bandsintown Managing Partner.

The company believes that, while technology and user experiences have been improving in the non-Latino space for years, Latino users are often a second thought in most mainstream apps and services. This forces users to jump through unnecessary hoops and navigate multiple loosely connected platforms in order to discover, buy, listen, or watch their favorite content. This expanded partnership represents landmark collaboration in the interest of engaging the US Latino Market and aims to emphasize the importance of giving Latino users a clear, concise path to great online experiences.

Tech Talk:

Prior to the release of this feature, Tickeri analyzed traffic originating from various event discovery platforms and social media. Data from event discovery platforms, such as Bandsintown, saw high conversion rates. With this in mind, Tickeri aimed to further reduce friction created by the context switching required from event discovery apps to in-browser checkout.

Tickeri's long-standing relationship with Bandsintown and a combined vision for the power of contextual commerce and embracing the US Latino market allowed for discussions of further integration. Tickeri worked closely with Bandsintown to integrate Braintree Extend and help deliver secure, seamless payment experiences for Bandsintown and Tickeri. Bandsintown created additional in-app checkout flows for events listed on Tickeri, allowing quick and easy transactions without having to leave the Bandsintown mobile apps.

Tickeri joins Eventbrite and Ticketmaster in providing in-app ticket purchases within the popular Bandsintown platform.

Press release courtesy of The Music Joint Entertainment Group

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