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"Never Again" - A Song of Hope For Our Children

Miami, FL - Award-winning Cuban-American singer/songwriter, Elsten Torres, presents his new song, “Never Again.” The song is a direct and timely response to the recent mass shootings that have plagued America’s school system and society. After being deeply affected by the continuous tragic events that have become a sad fixture in our daily lives, Elsten sat down with Emil Temeltas (producer/songwriter) to pen the song “Never Again”. Soon after, they would invite “Jakaree” a high school junior in Miami’s inner-city area and an artist with the Guitars Over Guns organization to write and perform the rap section of the song.

Torres said of the song, “we were in the middle of finishing another project when Emil and I began discussing the “Parkland” shooting and how his 10-year-old daughter and her classmates were very saddened by the tragic incident yet extremely inspired to do something about it. We decided to write a song to help them in the “#Neveragain” movement”.

“Never Again” features several children from North Miami’s elementary school system lending their voices to sing in the impactful chorus of the song. They are also featured in the music video, as well as various teenagers from the surrounding greater Miami area. “Never Again” is now available in all major digital stores. Watch the video now on YouTube. A percentage of all profits will go to help funding for gun reform legislation. Also available on Amazon & Spotify: (Amazon) (Spotify) For more information on Elsten Torres go to:

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