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Consejo de Sabios - New Video From Spanish Band Vetusta Morla

Vetusta Morla unveils their brand new video for Consejo de Sabios, off their latest album Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar. This is the first time that the band produces and shoots a music video outside Spain. Vetusta Morla -who have had a very close connection with Mexico for years- interrupted their Latin American Tour to shoot the clip headed by Rodrigo Guardiola who, besides being Zoé's drummer, has a long record as director of music videos for Zoé, Chetes, Volován or División Minúscula, among others. The piece feature Alejandra Moreno (Ruido Rosa and Reyno's lead singer), a robot-bird and Vetusta Morla's all members playing the song.

The director commented about the Consejo de Sabios video: "It was a great challenge and it felt like shooting a video for my own band. The work done by ourselves and together with Vetusta Morla led us to develop a very original concept for the video. Consejo de Sabios is one of the songs that best represents the new album, and it's also a fan favourite, so we had the major responsibility to accompany the song's lyrics with a good and suitable concept; for me, the video is a metaphor and its main theme is Remembrance, which I reflected using science-fiction elements as the android and the robot-bird."

The band said about the song Consejo de Sabios: "This is the first song we worked on when we first came together to work on Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar. You can hear our urgent need of change. We wanted to try new things, play with new beats and atmospheres. This story develops in parallel with the music in a visual, harrowing way."

The video for the song Consejo de Sabios is the fifth off the album Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar following the previously released Te lo Digo a Ti (directed by Nacho Vigalondo), Deséame Suerte (directed by Fernando Franco), El Discurso del Rey (directed by Colectivo Audiovisual Cuadra Picha) and Punto Sin Retorno. Directo Hansa Studios (Berlin) .

Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar - TOUR

3 May - Recinto Ferial De La Fica - MURCIA

5 May - Auditorio Rocío Jurado - SEVILLA

12 May - Coliseum - A CORUÑA

19 May - Palau Sant Jordi - BARCELONA

25 May - Hard Club - PORTO

26 May - Coliseu dos Recreios - LISBOA

1 June - Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias - VALENCIA

23 June - Explanada exterior de la Caja Mágica - MADRID

30 June - Explanada del Museo Guggenheim - BILBAO

5-7 June - Festival PortAmérica - CALDAS DE REIS

21 July - Marenostrum Castle Rock - FUENGIROLA

28 July - Parque Hermanos Castro - GIJÓN

8 November - CSo36 - BERLIN

9 November - Uebel&Gefährlich - HAMBURG

10 November- Rotunde - BOCHUM

22 November - Szene Wien - VIENNA

23 November - Backstage (Halle) - MUNICH

24 November - Mascotte - ZURICH

28 November - Melkweg - AMSTERDAM

29 November - Bürgerhaus Stollwerk - COLOGNE

1 December -La Tentation Club - BRUSSELS

Press release courtesy of The Music Joint Entertainment Group

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