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Café Tacvba Brought Their Niu Güeis Tour to Sacramento

After a successful tour with capacity crowds through some of the most important European cities like Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; London, England; Paris and Ramonville St Agne in France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Copenhagen, Denmark; Berlin and Cologne in Germany and Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, and then South America with shows in Bolivia, Peru, and Chile, Café Tacvba made its way to the Crest Theater in Sacramento and once again proved why they are still one of the most courageous, innovative and most exciting live bands in Spanish rock.

Unlike some of their contemporaries who continue to tour non-stop relying on the nostalgia of their followers without any new music in more than 20 years, Café Tacvba has never rested on their laurels and have always continued to push themselves and their music forward as it is evidenced on their new album Jei Beibi, where they continued to take their music through new musical territories; always looking for new nuances and rhythms and interpretative forms and in some cases going back to the basics of what made them so great in the first place.

On stage, Café Tacvba has also always pushed the envelope and rarely do they rely on just their “hits” and always play a healthy serving of new material as it’s the case for their Niu Güeis Tour and at the Crest in Sacramento, it was not the exception as they began the show with “Futuro” and Disolviéndonos” and “Me Gusta Tu Manera” from Jei Beibi, and although half the crowd sat patiently through the new material, when they played their cover of “Como Te Extraño Mi Amor”, the whole theater exploded with excitement and there was no stopping after that.

Besides the new material which was perfectly fine for the hardcore fans of the band, they also did a recap of their whole career which kept the novice fans happy as they steamed rolled through songs from El Objecto Llamado Disco, SINO and Cuatro Caminos albums; and of course, their earlier material from Re and their debut album.

As usual, the Tacvbos are always at the forefront of live concert technology and along with an excellent sound, they had an amazing light show that was complemented by the architecture of the beautiful Crest theater.

Among the many high points in the evening, some stood out a little more like “Olita De Altamar” “El Fin De La Infancia”, “Chilanda Banda”, “Las Flores” and “La Chica Banda” and of course the dance sequences on “Dejate Caer” and in the final encore “El Puñal Y El Corazon’ which had everyone singing and dancing.

For the encores, the band brought the house down with a passionate rendition of “Eres” and another new song “Que No”. Before a second encore, lead singer Rubén Albarrán was left alone on stage and took a few moments to ask for thoughts and good vibes for the still missing 43 students in Mexico, all the children who were separated from their parents by ICE in the U.S. and also for the rights of the LGBTQ community; which surprisingly, had the biggest response from the crowd, which is a great sign that in the Latino world, views about the LGBTQ community are changing for the better. But it wasn’t all seriousness during his speech, as he also joked around and even took a few hits off a joint that someone in the front row offered him.

The Niu Güeis Tour continues in San Francisco this Friday and Saturday Night at The Independent Theater before moving on to Seattle and Portland and through the rest of the U.S. all the way through October and ending with multiple nights at the legendary Troubadour in Hollywood, CA.

For more tour details, please visit the band’s website at

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