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“Sangre Mia” A Song For The United Farm Workers

Sol Peligro and 40 Watt Hype have been friends and have done shows together since meeting for the first time in 2006. During that time, Sol Peligro’s lead singer, Sam and 40 Watt’s lead singer, Aaron created a brotherhood thru music and each other’s unique styles. They both decided one day to collaborate on a song...a cumbia.. and make something representing their pride and joy of being residents of their respective California regions.

Sam and Sol Peligro are from Sacramento and Aaron and 40 Watt Hype are from Fresno. They also share a unique bond with the farming communities of their areas. So they decided that any proceeds from the song "Sangre Mia" will go to the UFW..United Farm Workers. Enjoy the track and dance away, folks!

“Sangre Mia” was written by Sam Miranda and Aaron Wall and produced by Aaron Wall.

The song is available at CD Baby at:

And the video shot by Shimo Media is available on Youtube.

More details about “Sangre Mia”

Produced by: Aaron Wall Written by: Sam Miranda/Aaron Wall Mixed by: Tommy Garcia/Tommy Garcia Music Mastered by: Eric Broyhill/Monsterlab Audio Graphic Design by: Angelina Solis

Video shot by: ShimoMedia

Details courtesy of “Sangre Mia Press Release”

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