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Le Butcherettes Go BI/Mental At The Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento

The BI/mental Tour by Le Butcherettes landed in Sacramento at the Goldfield Trading Post and played to an enthusiastic, eclectic and knowledgeable audience that was completely enthralled by the antics of Teri Gender Bender and the rest of the band on stage.

Opening the show was Los Angeles’ all female power rock band, Stars At Night, who left everyone in awe by their sheer power, stage chemistry and their quick connection with the audience who were captivated by the band’s ruckus performance and as they left they the stage everyone was praising them and wanted to know more about them.

Teri Gender Bender took the stage in her usual red outfit and Indian feathers and greeted the audience in Spanish, which in spite of having been born in Denver, Co, Teri is very proud of her Mexican heritage and throughout the night to conversed with the audience in both Spanish and English.

As most of you familiar with Le Butcherettes know, this band has a lot do with contradictions which is very much the way real life is, so you couldn’t expect anything less at a Le Butcherettes show. You are presented with the beautiful, humble and often shy and vulnerable presence of Teri Gender Bender, but as soon as the music starts, she turns into a volatile, passionate, incendiary but self-controlled vehicle for sharply delivered lyrics that talk about inner struggles, angst and demons but always with a sense of hope and positivity and at the Goldfield Trading Post; it was not the exception, as Teri pounded on her keyboard, played thrashing chords on her guitar and she danced and jumped around on stage as if possessed as she delivered her innermost feelings to an audience that was completely enchanted by her stage presence.

Le Butcherettes opened the show with razor sharp rendition of “Burn the Scab”, the opening song of 2015’s Cry Is For The Flies album and with the band’s 4th album, bi/MENTAL recently released, the band played a good dosage of electrifying and passionate versions of new songs like “spider/WAVES”, “father/ELOHIM”, “struggles/STRUGGLE”, “nothing/BUT TROUBLE” and “strong/ENOUGH”, as well as songs from previous albums like “My Mallely”, “La Uva”, “Lonely & Drunk”, “Stab My Back” amongst others.

Joining Teri Gender Bender on stage were Alejandra Robles Luna on drums, Rikardo Rodríguez-López on guitar and keyboards and Marfred Rodríguez-López on bass.

Le Butcherettes and Stars At Night will continue their tour through the rest of February and into March.


09 Seattle, WA – The Sunset

11 San Francisco, CA – Bottom of The Hill

12 Los Angeles, CA – Morrocan Lounge

14 Las Vegas, NV – The Bunkhouse Saloon

15 Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court Gallery

16 Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge

18 Kansas City, MO – Record Bar

19 Minneapolis, MN – Turf Club

20 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge

22 Toronto, ON – The Underground – Drake

23 Detroit, MI – El Club

24 Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theatre

26 Allston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

27 Brooklyn, NY – Zone One at Elsewhere


01 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy

02 Washington, DC – DC9

04 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade – Purgatory

06 Birmingham, AL – Saturn

07 New Orleans, LA – Parish at HOB

08 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live – Studio

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