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Lila Downs Celebrates El Dia De Los Muertos At The Modavi Center

On Thursday, October 10, 2019, Lila Downs and her band, La Misterioa, brought her Al Chile USA Tour to the Mondavi Center at the UC Davis for a Dia De Los Muertos celebration that was full of music, dance, colors, traditions and passion.

Being at a Lila Downs concert is more than just music, it is a event that brings people of all ages, colors, creeds, sexual orientations and musical tastes together and all become one as everyone is taken to a place of love, understanding and acceptance for traditions, differences and great music.

Lila Downs has a new album out titled Al Chile, from which several selections were played during the performance and for us “rockeros”, the highlights were definitely her covers of Manu Chao’s “Clandestino” and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ “Los Caminos De La Vida”.

For the second part of the show, Lila and her band dove into some of her more recognized songs like her of “Cucurrucucu Paloma”, “La Iguana”, “La Llorona” and “La Cumbia Del Mole” among many others.

During the first half of the show, the audience was very attentive, but somewhat reserved and respectfully applauded and yelled in between songs, but in the second half, some in the audience could not resist any more and began to get up and dance in their seats and slowly but surely, they began to make their ways to the aisles and to the front of the stage where Lila was leaned over and greeted her fans by shaking hands, accepted gifts and signed a few autographs.

For this tour, Lila is joined on stage by the Grandeza Mexcana Folk Ballet Company and Mariachi Femenil Flores Mexicanas, which added even more color to the show and elevated the sound of the band to a higher level.

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