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Flogging Molly Rock the Hard Rock Live in Sacramento

On Friday September 1st, Irish American Celtic punk band Flogging Molly, brought their 2023 summer tour in support of their latest album Anthem, to the Hard Rock Live in Wheatland, CA near Sacramento.

The band were in high spirits and from the very first chords, Flogging Molly went into overdrive with their punked up Celtic fervor.

Although the band played several new tracks like: “(Try) Keep the Man Down”, “A Song of Liberty”, “The Croppy Boy ‘98”, “Life Begins and Ends (but Never Fails)” and “These Times Have Got Me Drinking”, the fans celebrated them just as much as their classic repertoire which included “Dunken Lullabies”, “Devil’s Dance Floor”, “If I Were to leave this World Alive”, “Swagger”, “What’s left of the Flag”, among others.

From the beginning of the band playing pubs and small clubs in Los Angeles in the mid 90’s, Flogging Molly has been known for their passion and energy on stage, as well as Dave King’s relatable lyrics. His songs are from the heart and soul, and it makes no difference if you grew up in Dublin, East L.A. or Sacramento, there's always something there that touches you.

With a great stage presence, lead singer Dave King had the crowd, dancing, jumping, singing along, and after a few songs, the mosh pit appeared.

It is always nice to see how bands that have been around for decades see their fan base grow and become even more eclectic. At the Hard Rock there were the typical punkers with their colored mohawks, parents with their kids and people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, Flogging Molly is definitely a band of the people.


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