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House Issues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA - The past couple of years were a very uncertain time for the world. Particularly for the entertainment industry as it has been at an inconsistent standstill. Some of our favorite events did whatever possible to make things happen, including making changes to attendance size, venues, and adjusting to the ever-changing safety guidelines.

But Antonio Pelayo Productions made its come back to Plaza de la Raza with fire. On Saturday, June 4th, 2022, the anticipated event, House Issues made its debut at this historical venue. It was an event true to its name that brought all things 90s House Music, including iconic DJs, a fashion show, and an exhibit of special collectibles and memorabilia of the 90s party and club scene in Los Angeles. It attracted people of all types but particularly those who lived and witnessed these fond times.

Antonio Pelayo Productions teamed up with some of L.A.’s heavy hitters to bring House Issues. NELA TV, a channel that produces musical documentaries and videos on Northeast L.A. and surrounding areas, was on board with the production. To welcome guests to the event, a refined and classic mini truck show, created by Thee Exotic Ones, lined up at the entrance for viewing. Two legendary DJs were the headliners, the beloved DJ Irene and Richard Vission, immediately brought flashbacks of The Arena and Power Tools. Providing the incredible music on multiple stages, were also DJs Gargamel and Lenny V. From House Parties in da 90s, DJs Mauri, Flaver, Kilahnoez and the legend Orlando. Comedians J. Valentino and Concrete hosted the main stage and pumped-up the crowd with their “rebel” alternate egos. The exhibit, curated by Antonio Pelayo, NELA TV, and Henry Michael Apodaca, transported us to our youth with recreations of bedroom settings, complete with boomboxes, tapes, and framed photos of well- known party crews. An entire wall was coated with a collage of collectible party and night club flyers, making it one of the features of the night and a stunning photo-op. The fashion show, produced by Wardrove Divas, brought back the attire of “groovers,” “go-go dancers,” and sexy party people.

The sound of Deep House music blasted throughout the venue. With every song played, the intensity rose, and the excitement broke out of the crowd. Dance battles erupted on stage and on the dance floors. Reunions with old friends took place. Stories of reminiscing were exchanged. For a few hours, people re-lived some of the best years of their lives. It was an incredible night of true and sentimental nostalgia.

House Issues

Plaza de la Raza, Los Angeles

June 4th, 2022

Antonio Pelayo Productions


Review and Photos by Laura Pelayo


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