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LP Mesmerizes Her Fans in Sacramento

On a rainy Sunday October 22, 2023, LP brought her Love Lines Tour to the Hard Rock Live to Wheatland, near Sacramento, CA.

As soon as one walked into the venue, the excitement of her fans could be felt, but they still had to wait a bit longer as independent New York based singer Vérité opened the show. The audience was receptive to the electropop sounds of Vérité and were supportive through her 45-minute set.

After a short intermission, the stage lights finally dimmed and as the band walked on to the darkened stage, the audience got louder and louder, and out of nowhere, the figure of LP with a ukelele in her hands appeared and the place exploded with excitement.

LP began the show with 3 new songs from the new album, Love Lines. “Golden”, “Love Song” and “Burn it Down”, and eventually playing all 12 new songs, which I found to be very courageous, as even the biggest acts in the world, tend to start their shows with their biggest hits and then sprinkle 3 or 4 new songs at the most through the set.

Unlike those big acts that only play a couple of new songs in their sets, and for which most of their fans use signals to go get another drink or hit the restrooms. LP fans celebrated and sang along to every single new song.

Like many “rock fans”, I am sometimes skeptical when I like an artist but some of their songs may sound a little too pop, but because of that soulful, passionate voice, I put aside my skepticism, and I knew that I had to see her live.

Like most new LP fans, I became intrigued by her voice when I saw an acoustic video performance of “Lost on You” a couple of years ago. Then I began to explore the rest of her discography and I can hear a musical evolution. Her first albums were a little raw and guitar driven, then album after album, one can hear her branching out to different sounds, more eclectic instruments, and yes, even some of those pop sounds, but I feel that she has reached that place where she feels confident to jump around between different musical genres and singing styles, but all of them have her essence.

It is strange that LP has not become bigger in the U.S. as she is in Europe or Latin America and it’s a shame because people are missing out on of the most powerful live performers I have seen in a long time. Besides her tremendous voice, powerful stage presence and her charisma, she has an amazing band that can really rock.


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