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Red Jesus does cumbia cover of "Hurt" from Nine Inch Nails

The first cover published by Red Jesus is an utter sacrilege. We are talking about a version of a version of a Nine Inch Nails hit -made even more popular by Johnny Cash-, transformed into an irresponsible electro-psychedelic Cumbia. A fruity and melancholic-flavoured heresy, that could’ve only been created by a musical kamikaze. This alternative “Hurt” reminds us that we can dance ourselves through sadness, while making us think of David Byrne, LCD Soundsystem and Peruvian psychedelic Cumbias; without losing that unpredictable touch printed in every song of the Mexican-Chilean artist.

Fantasy, spice and reflection simultaneously in a cosmic balance around this risky adaptation -produced by jesus and Juan Covarrubias-, where they merged unashamedly English lyrics with Latin rhythms and electronic synths with organic percussion. Buckle your seatbelt purists, sit tight Trent Reznor, this is going to hurt.

Born in Mexico, raised in Chile and now living between Madrid and Mexico City. Red Jesus has won a place in the alternative music scene with an eclectic and carefree mix between pop, rock, electronic music, psychedelia and R&B with a unique imprint because of his capacity to reinvent himself with no remorse. Red Jesus came to life in 2013 with his debut album “Coming Soon”, which had collaborations form Carl Verheyen (Super Tramp) and Tim Carmon (Paul McCartney), but his first big step didn´t happen until 2018, when he signed with Mexican label Casete. His second studio album, “No Hago Milagros” (“I don´t do miracles”) had many songs rotating in some of Mexico’s main radio stations, and the music videos were aired in Tele-Hit, MTV Spain and Metro CDMX. “Te voy a decepcionar”, from the same album, called the attention of Spanish label Movistar Sound. With no hesitation, they signed him as one of their new cards for the post pandemic world.

Press release courtesy of Charco Música


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